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    The geodynamic research of the Vening Meinesz Research School of Geodynamics (VMSG) addresses the solid Earth, considering the latter as an integral part of the full System Earth, and including the interfaces with the outer Earth components. This field of science encompasses the motions and dynamic processes, which occurred on a wide range of temporal and spatial scales in the Earth, including the underlying mechanisms and their interactions. The scales involved range from seconds to hundreds of millions of years, and from the atomic to the planetary scale.

    Gravity Anomaly Map of the North Sea region The aims of the research school are:
    • to promote and carry out high-quality geodynamic research, with special attention for the integration of geophysical, geological and Earth-oriented space research, and
    • to train young researchers in geodynamics in a high-quality, internationally oriented and multidisciplinary research environment.

    VMSG consists of research groups from two Dutch research institutes:

    • Institute of Earth Sciences Utrecht (IVAU) at Utrecht University
    • Department of Earth Observation and Space Systems (DEOS) at Delft University of Technology